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Our range of home heating products and services

Monthly payment scheme

Monthly payment scheme

Spread the cost of your home heating oil over 12 months.

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Tankscout fuel monitoring

Tankscout fuel monitoring

Our Tankscout system is the easy way to manage your heating oil use.

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Premium Kerosene

Premium Kerosene

Choose the right fuel to improve the life and efficiency of your heating system.

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Heating Oil Tanks

Heating Oil Tanks

Safe and effective fuel storage solutions for your home.

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Top Up Service

Top Up Service

Remove unnecessary stress and ensure continuity of supply.

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Kerosene is the most commonly used home heating oil in the UK as the majority of oil fired boilers are calibrated to operate using it. Kerosene or 28 second burning oil is duty free which makes the product a cost effective way to heat your home when compared to other methods.

Kerosene is bright and clear in appearance and is distilled to provide clean burning characteristics whilst maintaining high temperature output, making the fuel ideal for home heating.

Kerosene technical data sheet

Kerosene safety data sheet

Linton delivers an excellent home heating service through our diverse fleet, which includes baby tankers for properties with access restrictions. In addition to a reliable delivery, our home heating customers can choose from a range of products tailored to suit their needs and budget.

Spread warmth throughout the year and join our Monthly Payment Scheme. Why not combine this with our Tankscout fuel monitoring system to give you complete home comfort.

Premium Kerosene

Good. Clean. Living

Why Premium Kerosene is the smart choice for boilers and cookers

At Linton, we appreciate that all home heating customers are searching for the best deal for them in terms of service, products and price. Purchasing Premium Kerosene from Linton assures you of all three.

Premium Kerosene undoubtedly delivers greater value for money overall when compared to standard kerosene through a combination of benefits to your boiler or cooker, which include; improved boiler efficiency, increased fuel shelf life, reduced carbon deposits and reduced sediment build up.


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Monthly payment scheme

Spread warmth throughout the year


Spread the cost of your home heating oil by joining our popular monthly payment scheme.

How it works 
The monthly cost is based on an estimate of how much heating oil you will use a year, with the approximate total cost divided by 12. Payment is by monthly direct debit.

You will receive a statement of your account every three months in addition to a priced invoice after each delivery.

An annual review of your account is undertaken to ensure that your monthly payments cover the cost of your fuel. If necessary, we will request additional funds to reconcile the account and alter your payments for the following year.

A maintenance plan for your oil-fired boiler or cooker and our new Tankscout fuel monitoring service can also be added to the cost of your monthly payment scheme.



Tankscout Fuel Monitoring

The smarter way to monitor your fuel 

Our Tankscout fuel monitoring system is a stress-free way of managing your home heating oil supply.

Ensuring you never run out
Tankscout links into our fuel delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below your specified trigger level, we can automatically raise an order for your next delivery.

Peace of mind is only a click away
Tankscout gives you access to your latest fuel tank readings online and via your smartphone. This helps you monitor how much fuel you are using each week and gives you a greater understanding of your home heating oil consumption.

It couldn't be simpler
We will contact you to arrange an installation date. Once your Tankscout has been installed, we will provide you with login details and instructions for viewing your readings online.

Monthly / £8
Only available to customers on our monthly payment scheme. A monthly subscription fee of £8* over a contracted period of three years.

Yearly / £95
A subscription of £95* per annum billed yearly in advance. This is for a minimum of three years.

Upfront / £270
A one off payment of £270* which includes 3 years of service charges.

*Prices for the domestic Tankscout service and include VAT. Terms and conditions apply.

Heating Oil Tanks

Heating oil tanks

Domestic Heating Tanks

Linton Fuel Oils offer a wide range of heating oil tanks, all of which meet the required specifications for safe fuel storage at home.

Having strong partnerships with a number of tank manufacturers and installers across the UK, we offer plastic and steel tanks at great prices giving you peace of mind that that your heating is safe and secure and complies with current fuel storage regulations (see ).

Speak to our team on 0345 600 6583 for further information and prices, or tell us what you are looking for below and we will get back to you shortly.

Tank Price Request

Why not combine your new tank with our Tankscout fuel monitoring system to give your home a complete fuel storage solution.

Top Up Service

Top Up Service

In today’s demanding and pressured world, we appreciate that many customers do not need the added difficulty of having to remember when to order heating oil to keep their homes warm.

Linton is happy to remove any unnecessary stress and ensure continuity of supply by implementing a regular scheduled delivery.. Simply tell us how much is required and how regularly you need it and we will do the rest, giving you total peace of mind.

Alternatively, our Tankscout fuel level monitoring device gives greater control and visibility of how much heating oil is in your tank and insures against running out.