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Our range of farm and horticulture products and services

Bulk Fuels

Bulk Fuels

Delivering the complete Farm and horticultural fuel solution.

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A cost effective alternative to gas oil, for heating and drying applications.

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Essential maintenance of storage tank and fuel quality.

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Heating Oils

Heating Oils

Assuring warmth throughout all farm and horticulture buildings.

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Our Tankscout system is the easy way to manage your fuel levels.

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Quality lubricants to safeguard your smooth running machinery.

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Price Risk Management

Price Risk Management

Fuel price certainty with our fixed price fuel options.

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Bulk Fuels

Gas Oil EN590

Are you using the correct gas oil for your tractors and off highway machinery?

Engines used within modern off-highway machinery continue to increase in sophistication. It is important that customers are using the correct gas oil product for their machinery, as specified by manufacturers.

With manufacturers for the off-highway sector continuously improving the technologies used within agricultural machinery engines, customers are advised to ensure that the most suitable fuel sources are being used.


John Deere, in particular, specify that fuel used within their engines must comply with the higher BS EN590 white road diesel fuel specification in order to guarantee performance and avoid invalidating warranties.

Please note that although Gas Oil 590 meets the specification for white road diesel it must not be used as road fuel.

Gas Oil EN590 technical data sheet

Gas Oil EN590 safety data sheet

ULS Diesel

ULS Diesel, or Derv as it commonly known, is used in road going vehicle such as trucks, buses, cars and vans. The product is available in delivered quantities from 500 litres to 36,000 litres tanker loads.

Containing a maximum sulphur level of 10 parts per million the product is virtually sulphur free and conforms to all UK and EU environmental specifications.

The requirement of FAME (Biodiesel) within the product in order for it to comply with environmental legislation will not diminish performance capability of diesel engines.

Special consideration should be given where the product remains static in storage for long periods of time. Linton recommends the use of Exocet additives to prolong the fuels quality and reduce the risk of spoilt fuel.

From Mid-October to Mid-March each year, Linton automatically adjusts our products to supply winter grade diesel and reduce the risk of costly down time and disruption for our customers.

ULS Diesel technical data sheet

ULS Diesel safety data sheet

ULS Petrol


ULS Petrol, or Unleaded as it is commonly known, is used in road going vehicles and mowers where the manufacturer recommends the use of an unleaded petrol with a Research Octane Number of 95 (RON 95). The product is available in delivered quantities from 500 litres up to 38,000 litres tanker loads.


Containing a maximum sulphur level of 10 parts per million the product is virtually sulphur free and conforms to all UK and EU environmental specifications.

ULS Petrol technical data sheet

ULS Petrol safety data sheet

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Heating Oils


Kerosene is the most commonly used home heating oil in the UK as the majority of oil fired boilers are calibrated to operate using it. Kerosene or 28 second burning oil is duty free which makes the product a cost effective way to heat your home when compared to other methods.

Kerosene is bright and clear in appearance and is distilled to provide clean burning characteristics whilst maintaining high temperature output, making the fuel ideal for home heating.


Linton delivers an excellent home heating service through our diverse fleet, which includes baby tankers for properties with access restrictions. In addition to a reliable delivery, our home heating customers can choose from a range of products tailored to suit their needs and budget.

Why not combine this with our Tankscout fuel monitoring system to give you peace of mind.

Kerosene technical data sheet

Kerosene safety data sheet


Premium Kerosene

At Linton, we appreciate that all home heating customers are searching for the best deal for them in terms of service, products and price. Purchasing Premium Kerosene from Linton assures you of all three.

Premium Kerosene undoubtedly delivers greater value for money overall when compared to standard kerosene through a combination of benefits to your boiler or cooker, which include; improved boiler efficiency, increased fuel shelf life, reduced carbon deposits and reduced sediment build up.


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A cost effective alternative to gas oil, for agricultural heating applications.

Blended in the UK by our World Fuel Services colleagues at Henty Oil, Furnaceflame™ has been developed for use as a direct replacement wherever regular gas oil is being used for heating or drying purposes. It is ideal for use as a replacement for Gas Oil in schools, colleges, hotels, grain dryers, factories, hospitals, breweries and distilleries.

Alternative industrial heating products can often comprise of components derived from waste oils or contain biodiesel. Such products increase the risk of plant failure due to fouling, reduce the efficiency of heat transfer leading to increased fuel consumption and are also the main causes of storage tank contamination resulting in expensive tank cleaning costs.

Furnaceflame™ is different. Blended entirely from virgin components sourced from UK and European refiners, Furnaceflame™ can be used as a drop-in replacement for gas oil across a wide range of burner and furnace applications without any compromise in performance and is winter grade specification all year round reducing the risk of waxing and costly downtime.

Fully miscible with gas oil in all proportions, no plant modifications are needed to switch to Furnaceflame™ and there is no need to drain the existing oil in your tank.

Regular gas oil is more expensive to produce than Furnaceflame™ as it must meet exacting standards for use in off-road mobile plant. Further, gas oil is also subject to additional government levies for road fuel which do not apply to Furnaceflame™. Therefore Furnaceflame™ can be offered at a lower price than regular gas oil, meaning significant cost savings for your business.

Furnaceflame™ technical data sheet

Furnaceflame™ safety data sheet


Fuel & Tank Maintenance

Storage Tanks
Linton Fuel Oils can offer a wide range of fuel and lubricant tanks, all of which meet the required specifications for safe oil storage. Having strong partnerships with a number of tank manufacturers and installers across the UK, we offer everything, from small bunded plastic tanks to bespoke steel fuel stations at great prices giving you peace of mind that that your fuel is safe, secure and does not fall foul of any regulations. See for further information.

Speak to our team for further information and prices or tell us what you are looking for below and we will get back to you shortly.

Waste Oil
Our comprehensive range of fuel and lubricant products and services also encompass the collection of waste oils and contaminated fuels.Having established trusted partnerships with a network of reputable oil collection companies, you can rest assured that your waste oil will be correctly disposed of and recycled where possible reducing your environmental impact.

We also provide further associated cleaning and collection services designed to reduce the unwanted aggravation of dealing with waste including filters, rags, antifreeze, batteries and much more.

Customer legal and environmental compliance is assured through the provision of a consignment note following each collection.

The drive for a cleaner world with reduced air pollution has improved fuel standards significantly over the past decade. Despite the huge benefits gained by these changes to fuel products, there have been a number of associated concerns with regards to fuel storage which has given rise to fuel additives.

Many of the issues are a direct consequence of the increased use of biofuel in fuel products and include:

Water pick up in storage tank that can be prevented through regular use of Anti-Bug Additives.     

Defective winter operation of machinery and filter plugging that can be prevented through seasonal use of Anti-Wax Additives.

Power Loss to vehicles that can be prevented through use of Diesel Power Restorer Additives.

Blocked filters and sludge build up in tank that can be prevented through regular use of Gas Oil Extra Additives.

Reduced shelf life of fuel being stored for long periods such as back-up generators can be significantly extended through use of Fuel Store Plus additives.

Linton recommends the use of additives on a frequent basis to reduce the potential for fuel related issues arising. Speak to our team for further information on how to retain your fuels quality.

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Innovative fuel monitoring

Our Tankscout fuel monitoring system is a stress free way of managing your fuel or lubricant supply.

Reduce the risk of costly run-outs
Tankscout links into our fuel and lubricant delivery system. When the level of fuel in your tank drops below a specified level, we can automatically raise an order for your next delivery to ensure you always have enough fuel.

A more efficient ordering and delivery process
A complete fuel management system, Tankscout eliminates the need for manually dipping tanks and improves ordering efficiencies, helping to reduce the number of deliveries to your site.

Regular updates
Receive regular email notifications of your latest fuel levels, and access your latest tank readings on your desktop PC, or on-the-move on your tablet or smartphone. Plus, check and manage multiple tanks from a single user account.

Greater understanding of your consumption
Tankscout gives you access to your latest tank readings online and via your smartphone. This helps you monitor how much fuel you are using each day and gives you a greater understanding of your consumption.

It couldn't be simpler
We will contact you to arrange an installation date. Once your Tankscout has been installed, we will provide you with login details and instructions for viewing your readings online.

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Keep running smoothly

Linton Lubricants delivers a wide range of lubricants from a variety of top brands to suit your business requirements.

Our engine oils, lubricants, greases, coolants and fluids are carefully selected to meet the latest specifications and with specialist advice and technical support also available, we have the expertise to keep your equipment running smoothly


Price Risk Management

Price Risk Management from Linton Fuel Oils

The fluctuating cost of fuel puts pressure on margins, makes budgeting challenging and can significantly hamper the realisation of your business plans. With over 40 years' experience of delivering fuel to industry, Linton Fuel Oils understands how the fluctuating nature of the market can impact your business. That's why we are excited about introducing our range of Price Risk Management (PRISM) products.

With our simple, effective PRISM solutions, we can help you place your business on a fuel agreement that matches your ongoing needs, giving you greater control over your future fuel spend.